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Loving The Gentle Kind 2016

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Conditions of Ubuntu


Get some insight in the panafrican concept of Ubuntu and it's relevance for Community Wellness Focusing


The indigenious meaning of ubu-ntu is "be-ing becoming". The essence of Ubu-ntu speaks of interconnectedness: „I need other persons to become a person. My humanity is bound up in yours. I am because we are.“ People with Ubuntu are warm, generous, open and available to others, affirming others and willing to be vulnerable. Learning from African refugees by volonteering in their asyl procedures I stepped into the philosophy and practise of Ubuntu. I got insights of interrelational ways of responding that differ much from the eurocentric style. 

The current debate in African philosophy links ubuntu humaness to environmental ethics and goes beyond the anthroprocentic view towards environmental holism

Blob. International Focusing Conference
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Blob. European Focusing Fair Hohenwardt
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