Our Services

FOCusZ offers Focusing oriented psychotherapy and counseling (FOT), Focusing workshops and seminars/Community Wellness Focusing and Focusing training programs with certification at all levels. We offer supervision and tutorials for Focusing Network teachers-in-training. Our Models of Training (MOT) recorded at the TIFI website are compatible to the MOT of the German Focusing Network FN

FOCusZ training programs cover atmospheric embodiment. Focusing on the inside-out of the body and the tactile spheres of in-between makes a difference to classical Focusing.

The living body, its aroundness and the situational biotope we live in are timeless living fabrics. Focusing on environmental atmospheres makes these fabrics perceptible. Human interconnectedness comes into play, and experiences of mutual vulnerability show up in dimensions of social resilience (ethics of Ubuntu)

Our methods include Relational Embodiment, Wholebody Heartfelt Conversation, Existential Wellbeing Counselling and Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts FOAT® (FOCUSZARTS)

FOCusZ has set up samples of FOCUSZARTS (Focusing and Arts) on Instagram 


Please check our FOCUSZARTS website for workshops!

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