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English-German bilingual seminars

FOCUSZ has organized bilingual seminars for German focusers:

  • 2015 Introduction to Wholebody Focusing|Wholebody Heartfelt Conversation with Katrijn van Look and Lara Peumans/BEL, Tübingen
  • 2015 "Tiger Focusing: How to make a business with Focusing" with Sally Tadmor/Israel, Tübingen
  • 2016 Wholebody Focusing|Wholebody Heartfelt Conversation with Lara Peumans/BEL,Tübingen
  • 2016 Focusing Train-the-Trainer with special guest Sally Tadmor/Israel, Focusing Network Summercamp
  • 2017 "Dynamic Focusing - Being Seriously Playful" with René Veugelers/NL, Focusing Network Summercamp
  • 2020 "The Inner Critic: Enemy or Friend? - Finding Healing and Harmony within by making Peace with your Inner Critical Voices" with Ruth Hirsch MSW, MPH, CC TIFI/Israel, Focusing Network Summercamp, August 06 - 08

FOCUSZ also hosted the 2016 EFA European Focusing Association's meeting with workshops in Community Wellness Focusing (Haqmal Daudzai/Afghanistan) and Systemic Constellation (Ria van Hage/NL)

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