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The Colours of Decision

EAF based Decision Making - with Focusing Europe!

Find out what is needed to start coherent action

Sunday 1/24/2021, 2-5 pm CET

Any not knowing is implicit knowing: There is something in the way that makes you feel hazy, confused or full of doubts. Find out what it takes to carry your further to coherent action. Colours from the felt sense are showing the way. We will pendulate between sensing, questioning and expressing in different kinds of arts.

Knowledge of painting or drawing techniques is not necessary for to make your decision process

Colours of Decision

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Your Body is making your Art

Introduction to EAF

Boosting your creativity to a brider level of experiencing through the body sense

Sunday 2/14/2021, 2-5 pm CET

This approach evolves your creativity to a new level of experiencing. Not your brush is doing the artistic work, but your inner artist. The inner artist is communicating through the body sense. Following your bodily feelings from within, you can process your inner artist's voice. You will be carried forward to new lines, colours, shapes and meaning. Knowledge of painting or drawing techniques is not necessary for to practice your art

Body is making your Art

1 ticket

30,00 €

Open e-Studio: EAF Fridays Freebie

EAF for You and your Clients

Friday 1/8/2020 and 2/14/2021, 6-7.30 pm CET

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Get to know EAF as an intermodal body-focused approach in consulting, coaching and therapy and try it out for yourself. Every meeting with new impulses and tips!

Open e-Studio EAF Fridays

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