Expressive Arts Focusing is a trauma-informed approach in the field of Expressive Arts Therapies crossing


... I found in my own practice:
Expressing the body sense into arts is offering a more of .... something that (re)connects to life

 Bilateral Body Mapping

 (Guided Drawing®

 releases trauma and

 intensive  feelings of pain,

 anger and fear

 Illustrating dreams is offering  insights you cannot find by writing down the dream's message

Painting portraits from the body sense has healing potential by the artistic expression itself

Drawing a plant or a landscape from the body sense helps to calm down and dwell within nature

Abstract painting from the body sense allows to express unclear moods and emotions and find out about new intuitions


Your webinar has done me an awful lot of good. I haven't felt as comfortable, free and light-hearted for ages as I do now after the course. I just wanted to tell you that, and thank you very much


So honestly presented - thank you very much for this beneficial, strenghtening offer


The webinar war so valuable for me. Your calmness and sovereignty did me good. Thanks for everything, and the encouragement.



Expressive Arts Therapy

The Creative Connection with Nathalie Rogers, PhD, REAT

Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy FOAT®

FOAT® with Laury Rappaport, PHD, MFT, REAT, ART-BC

Sensorimotor Expressive Arts Therapy® | Guided Drawing®

Guided Drawing® with Cornelia Elbrecht, BA. MA. (ART Ed), AthR, SEP

Guided Drawing® is a body-focused and trauma-informed practise, using mindfulness, sensory awareness and trust in the guidance from within

Despite the online distance

(and this is quite amazing for me) I felt very comfortable and safe. Your empathaic, clear and

soothing instructions and exercises have done me a lot of good


After the webinar I worked on my picture a few more times ... playing with it, discovering more. Everything I found was so valuable. Thanks again for the afternoon!


The exercises were really good for me. I am now in focus. Thank you!




Expressive Arts Focusing Introduction - WEBINAR

November 22nd 2020

2. pm. - 5 p.m., CET

4 teaching units

30,00 EUR

Creating from the body sense:

This approach evolves your creativity to a new level of experiencing. Not your brush is doing the artistic work, but your inner artist. The inner artist is communicating through the body sense. Following your bodily feelings from within, you can process your inner artist's voice. You will be carried forward to new lines, colours, shapes and meaning. 

Knowledge of painting or drawing techniques is not necessary for to practice your art


Expressive Arts Focusing based Decision Making

January 24th 2021

2. pm. - 5 p.m., CET

4 teaching units

30,00 EUR

Any not knowing is implicit knowing: There is something in the way that makes you feel hazy, confused or full of doubts. Find out what it takes to carry your further to coherent action. Colours from the felt sense are showing the way. We will pendulate between sensing, questioning and expressing in different kinds of arts. Knowledge of painting or drawing techniques is not necessary for to make your decision process

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