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(1) Colours of Decision

Art based Decision Making

Spring 2022

Sun 2-5 pm CET

Make you shift! Find out what is needed to start coherent action. Allow your mind to pause and listen. Colors for the Felt Sense are showing the way

Are you feeling hazy, confused or full of doubts? Any not knowing is implicit knowing! Knowing comes from your body and your Inner Artist. He/she is always there, ready to help. His/her language is colors, symbols and shapes. Speaking in images she is carrying you forward towards solution. We pendulate between bodily sensing, questioning and expressing in different kinds of art making. Knowledge of Focusing and skills in painting or drawing are not required for to make your decision process

(2) Your Body is making your Art

Learn about your artistic Felt Sense

Spring 2022

Sun 2-5 pm CET

Explore authentic art journaling! Creating from the body sense makes all the difference. Calling your Inner Artist's voice and action is thriving. You are carried forward through intermodal FOAT® pathways

Embodied creativity is offering a wider level of experience. What comes from the body sense is deeply authentic. Any dissociation between you, your Inner Artist and your artwork is melting down. Make a start and discover new facets of yourself! Integrate FOAT® to redefine you artistic identity! Knowledge of painting or drawing techniques is not necessary to do this art activity

Open e-Studio

Expressive Arts Focusing EAF for you and your clients

Friday 6-7.30 pm CET

Next meeting 06/03/2022

Language: German

10,00 EUR

Get to know Expressive Arts Focusing EAF methods! EAF is an intermodal body-focused approach for counseling, coaching, therapy and for community building

Try it out for yourself! Every meeting with new impulses and tips!

(3) Colour sounds

Creating meaning through Embodied Art Making

Summer 2022

Sun 2-5 pm CET

Want to learn about body-art conversation? We make space through lines, color, shape and sound. New imagery and image making come with breathing. Mindful eye move is your go for to resonate to artwork

Digital professional art prints are the starting point to inspire us. We resonate to them by lines, color, shape and sound ... and set it all aside. Next is choosing cuts from the prints. We trace directly on the screen.  To connect with the cutting we use our breathing. The Inner Artist is now ready to step out and go on.

To make this happen, we use One-Line Drawing. We make a single line in one long stroke being guided by our Felt Sense. We follow our eye-hand coordination in reference to the art cuts. What emerges from that is fresh, unique and alive, implying new meaning! It is the doorway to Focusing based body-art conversation and further art making

(4) Where to find Creativity within?

Doing Arts with EAF

Summer 2022

Sun 2-5 pm CET

Want to deepen your creativity? Your Inner Artist's sibling is your Inner Critic. He/she is dwelling elsewhere than in your head. Blocking and playing unfair, he/she longs to be heard. Releasing body-based artwork makes both parts collaborate!

Making art is uplifting when you get hold on creative expression. Keeping creativity up is not so easy. The Inner Critic is there, ready to intervene. Daily life or art making - for him/her there is no difference to show up! How to balance both parts of yourself? Both your parts want to talk to each other. They want to do best for your benefit. Intermodal Focusing based Expressive Arts will  enhance their dialog. You will become friends with our inner critical voices and appreciate their distinct sense of collaboration


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(5) Botanical Drawing

Drawing Nature from the Body Sense

late Summer 2022

Sun 2-5 pm CET

Want to enhance your resilience? Mindfulness based perception is the starting point. Observational drawing of the plant world nourishes your flow. You can draw in historical illustration style or do intentional natural doodling

No right nor wrong will guide you here but your environmental body sense! Go outside or pick pieces from nature and water them. Keep pencil and paper at hand. You will learn basics of Botanical Drawing and receive a guideline with Natural Illustration templates to start with


workshop 1-8

single ticket

35,00 €

(6) Line - Stroke - Dot

Reaching Success through Drawing

Fall 2022

Sun 2-5 pm CET

Regain concentration, sense of focus and fresh commitment! Empower yourself by learning form the Bauhaus founders. Your lines, strokes and dots are action oriented meditation practice. Use them to stay attuned to you goal!

We start with simple breathing and drawing exercises. We use repetition and dynamic variation of lines and strokes to erase distraction. Dots are aids for your graphic target achievement. We expand into complexity by making compositions of all three signs. Contemplative writing is supplementary tool to keep you in focus

(7) Along the Growing Edge

Explore the More of ... artistically

Winter 2022

Sun 2-5 pm CET

Come to feel complete! Behind every feeling is a More of to unfold. Take a journey through the Arts that is anything but ordinary. Your Inner Artist is reaching out towards the Bigger Picture of your existence!

To sense towards wholeness needs emotional and environmental safety. Only from there feelings of inter-connectedness can come. Focusing based Expressive Arts offer this holding. Your inner place for growth has access to inter-creativity. There is a life forth within that responds to embodied art making fully!  Checking the body sense for each step you make towards the More of ... is your security guide for to travel. Let's explore what is there at the edge of the known and the unknown!

(8) Hölderlin loves

Poetry and EAF

Winter 2023

Learn about Hölderlin, German poet and famous resident of Tübingen!

Learn the arts in life. In your artwork learn to live. You see one of both right, you see the other clearly (Friedrich Hölderlin)

©F.K. Hiemer. Friedrich Hölderlin (Pastel 1792)


Please pay your workshop at registration, the latest one day before the workshop date. Reduction for students, job seekers and Best Agers 65+. In case of registration and cancelling up to one week before the workshop date, 50 percent of the workshop fee will be retained. After that the full fee is due. The situation is completely different when you provide a substitute participant. You accept these terms and conditions with registration. Thank you!

Past Workshops and Seminars

Open e-Studio: Expressive Arts Focusing EAF for you and your clients

June 03, 2022 | April 1, 2022 | March 18, 2022 | February 04, 2022 | January 07, 2022|

December 10, 2021 | November 05, 2021 | Oktober 15, 2021 | September 09, 2021 |

June 04, 2021 | May 14, 2021 | April 11, 2021 | March 06, 2021 | February 12, 2021 |

Januar 08, 2021 | December 13, 2020 | November 24, 2020

Smash Arts Focusing - Find your Aha's with Messy Art Journaling! Get in touch with Art!

May 31, 2022 | Adult Education Center Tübingen, Department of Arts


Receptive Expressive Arts

May 20, 2022 |  Adult Education Center Stuttgart, Department of Arts



How am I here? Finding your Place

May 15, 2022 | Annual Gathering of the German Focusing Association DFG



Embodied Aesthetics

Februrary 7, 2022 |  Help for Helpers Community by Lynn Preston & Focusing Initiatives International


Into the More - Exploring the Transformative Potential of Expressive Avenues

January 16, 2022 | 14. Int.  Conference IEATA 2022

Introduction into the experiential concept of the avenues (Gene Gendlin) and its application in Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy FOAT® (Laury Rappaport)

Introduction into FOAT®, November 12, 2021 | Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg: Continuing Education Training program Art Therapy


Into the More: Exploring the Transformative Potential of the Avenues

October 17, 2021 | Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute: FOAT Connections, Applications and Visions


Colours of Decision - Art based Decision Making

September 10, 2021 | FOCUSZ Workshop Event


FOCUSZ Summer Challenge - Time to grow artistically

July 12, - September 10, 2021 | E-Learning Workshop


Colour sounds - Creating Meaning through embodied Art Making

May 02, 2021 | FOCUSZ Workshop Event


Along the Growing Edge: Explore the More of ...

May 01, 2021 | Annual Gathering of the German Focusing Association DFG


Introduction into Trauma-Sensitive Expressive Arts Therapy

February 06, 2021 | Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg: Advanced Training Program Art Therapy


Your Body is making your Art  - Learn about your artistic Felt Sense

November 22, 2020 & April 25, 2020 | FOCUSZ Workshop Event


Inside and Outside: How I see myself as a Focuser

A Crossing of Expressive Arts Focusing and Children's Focusing

Co-Teacher Heidrun Essler

May 09, 2020 | Annual Gathering of the German Focusing Association DFG


With the Help of your Inner Advisor

Expressive Arts Focusing for Resilience and Wellbeing

May 06, 2020 | Focusing Inititatives International


Inner Artist meets Inner Dreamer

November 01 - 03, 2019 | FOCUSZ Workshop Event


Inner Artist meets Inner Dreamer

May 11, 2019 | Annual Gathering of The German Focusing Association DFG

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