Welcome to FOCusZ                                   FOCUSING CENTER TÜBINGEN!

FOCusZ is one of the training centers of the German Focusing Network FN linked to The International Focusing Institute TIFI. We are member of the Focusing Networks's Active Teacher's Team and engaged in organizing the annual FN Focusing Summer Camp Achberg/Lake of Constance since 2001


We foster Focusing within the Person Centred Approach as member of the Focusing project group of the German Society for Personcentred Psychotherapy and Counselling GwG. Further memberships belong to the German Focusing Society DFG and the European Focusing Association EFA

We are Alliance partner of Focusing Initiatives International for social change around the world


FOCusZ is located in Tübingen/Baden-Württemberg, South Germany. You can find us on Facebook



FOCusZ offers Focusing oriented psychotherapy and counseling (FOT), Focusing workshops and seminars/Community Wellness Focusing and Focusing training programs with certification at all levels. We offer supervision and tutorials for Focusing Network teachers-in-training. Our Models of Training (MOT) recorded at the TIFI website are compatible to the MOT of the German Focusing Network FN

FOCusZ training programs cover atmospheric embodiment. Focusing on the inside-out of the body and the tactile spheres of in-between makes a difference to classical Focusing.

The living body, its aroundness and the situational biotope we live in are timeless living fabrics. Focusing on environmental atmospheres makes these fabrics perceptible. Human interconnectedness comes into play, and experiences of mutual vulnerability show up as dimensions of social resilience (Ubuntu Responding)

Our methods include Relational Embodiment, Wholebody Heartfelt Conversation, Existential Wellbeing Counselling and  Focusing oriented Art Therapy FOAT(R)

FOCusZ has set up samples of Experiential Aesthetics/FOCusZarts recently

Welcome to Freda's TIFI Profil!


Friedgard E. (Freda) Blob, Certifying Coordinator of the International Focusing Institute New York, Certifying Teacher of the German Focusing Network FN, Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist, Personcentred Teaching Consultant, Counselor for Existential Well-Being KU Leuven, Dipl. Psychologist, Dipl. Educator


Please contact us via focusing-tuebingen@email.de


We ask for your permission to use your personal data for further information according to the European Data Protection Law 2018


FOCusZ papers for Download

Get some insight in the panafrican concept of Ubuntu and it's relevance for Community Wellness Focusing groups

The essence of Ubuntu speaks of interconnectedness: „I need other persons to become a person. My humanity is bound up in yours. I am because we are.“ People with Ubuntu are warm, generous, open and available to others, affirming others and willing to be vulnerable

Learning from African refugees by volonteering in their asyl procedures I stepped into the philosophy and practise of Ubuntu. I got insights of ways of responding that differ much from the eurocentric style of relating

The current research on Ubuntu in Africa links humaness to environmental ethics and goes beyond the anthroprocentic view towards environmental holism 

International Focusing Conference Cambridge 2016

Loving the gentle kind - Ubuntu based Empowerment
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European Focusing Fair Hohenwart/Germany 2014

Care and share - Focusing and the Conditions of Ubuntu
Blob. European Focusing Fair Hohenwardt
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